As we enter the Year of the Dragon, join us for a Transformative Qi Retreat where you will learn how to step into your own authentic power in the spiritually charged place that is Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand. 

This personalized dedicated 7-day retreat is packed with powerful age old wisdom & transmission and an opportunity to learn how to cultivate your own Qi and heal yourself. 


Our destination is Mae Rim in Chiang Mai – inspiring, lush, abundant, and diverse with a cooler climate – ideal for personal transformation.


Jirung Health Village & Retreat is family owned and nestled in a natural teak & bamboo forest in the Mae Rim hills, one of the most beautiful yet peaceful parts of Chiang Mai.


Offering accommodation either in their luxury mountain treehouse villas or their more accessible forest huts, you feel immersed in nature and removed from the distractions of every day life.


You will have the unique opportunity to learn directly from one of South Africa’s foremost TaiQi & QiGong Masters and Chinese Medicine Doctors, Shirfu Dr Michael Lan, who is a gifted energy healer that lives what he preaches every day. Dr Lan started honing his craft more than 30 years ago by directed transmission from master to master. He lives, eats, sleeps the art of Qi cultivation.

Dr Lan’s wife Anina, will be your guide and retreat coordinator. After more than 25 years in the world of business, more than half of which a successful entrepreneur in the world of marketing and branding, her own personal healing journey, transformation and spiritual awakening has led her to join her husband in developing next level wellness retreats, plus their own wellness sanctuary in Hout Bay, Cape Town. She’s also a speaker and guide on various topics, ranging from spirituality, to wellness, new earth solutions and mysticism. 


On this retreat, you will learn how to cultivate Qi (or energy) in the body so that you can activate your own power within, as we step into the dynamic and transformative Year of the Dragon. 2024 will be the big turning point for Mother Earth and all its inhabitants and the more prepared we are, the easier we will be able to glide through this ‘shift’ and even be able to help others.

Partake in daily mindfulness meditation, QiGong training, learn the art of NeiGong and receive personal Wisdom Transmissions, in a beautiful country-style environment that is sure to invigorate your Body, free your Mind and feed your Soul. 

The Year of the Dragon will require us to step confidently into our full authentic power. 2024 will require us to be our own leaders and WayShowers of the new world that we’re about to enter as our world shifts. Learn how to be your own guru, claim your power and heal yourself, so that you ultimately be able to also help others.


The daily training programmes and meditations is designed for all levels, whether you are an advanced practitioner of TaiQi, QiGong, Meditation or a complete beginner. The common thread is that all attendees are ready to take full responsibility for their own lives and to take charge of their own personal growth and development. Each participant will be able to elevate themselves and deepen their conscisouness, no matter where they are in their development. 

Everyone will walk away from this retreat with a renewed focus and a toolkit of skills practices they can use in their personal life & relationships. However, it is highly recommended you continue some sort of formal practice of some of these modalities after the retreat to continue deepening your practice and make out of it, a way of life.

Working with Qi is an art we can all master, if we are prepared to put in the time, effort and dedication to understand it better.


Breakfast and dinner is served Thai-style, from the retreat’s beautiful terrace restaurant using organic ingredients from their own vegetable gardens. 

Enjoy a healthy Buffet Breakfast every morning, and a nourishing 3-dish Dinner every night. The retreat will cater for your dietary restrictions where possible.

Please bring your own healthy snacks if you might get hungry during the day.


With either the larger, luxury mountain tree house or the smaller, more affordable forest hut to choose from – either on your own, or sharing with a friend or partner – there is something for everyone. 

Customize your retreat to suit your budget and personal preferences.

Contact us for a Retreat Package that suits your needs and budget on

P.S. You can check out for more info on the type of ancient and authentic TaiQi and QiGong we practice. Dr Michael Lan, your guide and teacher, has more than 30 years of experience and his life is a walking testimony to what these sacred soft, but powerful martial arts can do for your health, wellness and quality of life.