As we enter the Autumn Equinox (or Spring Equinox if you’re in the northern hemisphere), join us for a 4-night Qi Cultivation & Personal Power Retreat where you will learn how to step into your own authentic power, walk your own path and cultivate your own Qi (or life force energy).


This personalized, dedicated 5-day retreat is packed with powerful age-old wisdom & personal teachings & transmissions by gifted Healer and QiGong Master Dr Michael Lan who after learning from a long lineage of renowned masters, developed his own unique form of QiGong. The retreat will provide you with the tools – through QiGong, LiuGong, NeiGong, Meditation plus various age-old Daoist teachings – to learn how to cultivate your own Qi, and eventually, heal yourself and your loved ones, with dedication and practice. 

Dr Lan’s wife Anina, successful entrepreneur turned truth speaker and new earth way shower will be your retreat guide and facilitator. 

Our retreat will start with the powerful Equinox on 21 March and end on the Full Moon on the 25Th. We can’t think of a better time to supercharge your Qi and raise your consciousness.


Our destination is Robertson, a beautiful little country town 2 hours outside Cape Town. Robertson sports beautiful mountain ranges, vineyards and a type of country life simplicity that provides the perfect backdrop for a healing Retreat.


Our location is The LAB in Robertson, a Cape Dutch style guest house set within the little-known charming rural area of Klaas Voogds West just off the R60 between Robertson and Ashton. The LAB perfectly balances beautiful rural countryside with historical Cape Dutch architecture, and modern, high-tech rooms and facilities. Country cuisine, an infinity pool & sun-deck with views of the valley, and soaking up the sunset over a local dam with rich birdlife, are just some of the things you can look forward to while staying at The LAB.


With 4 different rooms and suits to choose from – from a Junior Suite, to Pool Suites with jacuzzis and down to a Petit room for the budget conscious – you can customize your retreat to suit your budget and personal preferences, whether you choose to share a room with someone or stay on your own. 


You will have the unique opportunity to learn directly from one of South Africa’s foremost TaiQi & QiGong Masters and Chinese Medicine healers, Shirfu Dr Michael Lan, who is a gifted energy healer who lives what he preaches every day. Dr Lan, who comes from a long lineage of healers and martial artists, started honing his gift more than 30 years ago via direct transmission from master to master, and over the last few years, learned various art forms including QiGong, Yang TaiQi Quan, Xing Yi (Mind Intention), Wu Xing (5 Elements), BaGua (8 Trigram Palms), TianDao (Heavenly Dao QiGong), Dantien Breathing, Abdominal Breathing, Waist Breathing, Kidney Breathing, Turtle Breathing, Silent Sitting, The 8 Psychic Channels, Xiao Zhou Tian (Micro-cosmic Orbit QiGong), Da Zhou Tian (Macro-cosmic Orbit QiGong), The 8 Vital Areas, The 12 Yi Jin Jing (Tendon & Muscle development), The 12 Xi Shui Jin (Bone Marrow Washing QiGong), Bai He (White Crane QiGong) and more. Dr Lan has also gone beyond his teachings to develop his own unique form of QiGong which he calls LiuGong (after his Chinese family name). His speciality in traditional acupuncture elevates his QiGong and TaiQi skills beyond what other teachers are able to grasp, because of his deep understanding of how the human body functions, and how body connects with spirit. Dr Lan has the gift of transmitting this gift directly to his students and patients, and truly lives, eats and sleeps the art of Qi cultivation.

Dr Lan’s wife Anina, will be your guide and retreat facilitator. After more than 25 years in the world of business, half of which as a successful entrepreneur in the world of luxury marketing and branding, her own personal healing journey, personal transformation and spiritual awakening over the last decade and a half has led her to join her husband in developing authentic wellness retreats, along with establishing their own healing sanctuary & retreat in Hout Bay, Cape Town. She’s been practicing TaiQi and QiGong for more than 15 years, and is also a speaker and teacher on various topics ranging from spirituality, wellness, sovereignty and mysticism. 


On this retreat, you will learn how to cultivate your Qi (life force energy), firmly rooted in your body, so that you can learn how to activate your true power within, and map out your own authentic path, as we step into the dynamic Autumn Equinox.

Partake in daily group meditations, QiGong training, learn the art of NeiGong and receive personalised Wisdom Transmissions directly from your Master Shifu Dr Michael Lan, in a beautiful country environment that is sure to invigorate the Body, free the Mind and renew the Soul. You will also receive a private one-on-one consultation with Dr Lan.


The daily training programmes and meditations is designed for all levels, whether you are an advanced practitioner of TaiQi, QiGong, Meditation or a complete beginner. The common thread is that all attendees must be ready to take full responsibility for their own lives and to take charge of their own personal growth and development. 

2024 demands of us to be our own leaders and way showers of the new world that is busy unfolding around us. Learn how to be your own guru; claim your power and heal yourself. Every attendee will be able to customise the retreat to serve their own personal goals and growth needs, and walk away from the retreat with a renewed focus and a toolkit of skills & practices that they can use in their personal life & relationships. 

It is however strongly recommended that you continue some sort of formal practice of some of these modalities after the retreat to continue deepening your practice and make it a way of life. Many of the movements are simple enough so that you can continue to practice them by yourself daily. 

Working with Qi is an art we can all master, if we are prepared to put in the time, effort and dedication to understand it better.


The LAB will serve a buffet breakfast and a healthy, gourmet 3-course dinner in their restaurant using healthy, organic ingredients catering for various dietary requirements. 

Please bring your own healthy snacks if you might get hungry during the day.


Choose from  4 different room types – from a Petit room, all the way up to a junior suite, some valley facing, others mountain or pool, some with private jacuzzis, some without. There is something for everyone.  Customize your retreat to suit your budget and personal preferences.


Starting price per person sharing, is R10,700 (sharing) up to R20,500 per person (single occupancy) in a junior suite. The retreat package includes 4 nights accommodation, daily breakfast and a 2-course gourmet dinner every night, daily group training (between 3-5 hours a day), and an opportunity for a private discussion with Dr Lan about your personal goals if you wish. If you’d like to book additional one-on-one consolations or acupuncture sessions, you can add that to your package at an additional cost as well.

Contact us for a Retreat Package that suits your needs and budget on

P.S. You can check out for more info on the type of ancient and authentic TaiQi and QiGong we practice.