What we do

We advise well-heeled individuals on the world’s best and most trusted luxury experiences, services and products across all lifestyle categories such as art, jewellery, watches, fashion, cars, jets, yachts, travel and property, and more, through our knowledge of and relationships with the world’s top luxury groups and providers.

We carefully curate, select and vet our luxury brand partners, and work with our discerning members in two ways – either in an ad hoc advisory capacity, or within a private membership concierge capacity – for those needing the added support, and who may lack the luxury of time or connections.

On our website, you will also find an inspired content platform where we will curate regular feature articles for our members on the world’s most luxurious experiences, the most bespoke services and the most rare and hard to come by luxury products, whether that is a rare limited edition Swiss luxury watch, front row access to Paris Fashion Week, the latest private jet, or a piece of unobtainable investment art. Our team of curators are experts in their respective fields and will carefully advise you on the best product, service or experiences to suit your unique needs or tastes. If you can dream it, VIVIDPRIVÉ can deliver it!

Man relaxing on luxury yacht