Halloween was a huge success this year,  the kids at Azuri dressed up to trick or treat, and to “scare” their Azuri neighbours, a lot of fun was had and we look forward to hosting Halloween in 2020. We hosted four journalists from SA,  showed them the best of what Azuri  has to offer, which included a trip on a micro light flight to see the island from a birds eye view, to seafood bbq’s  and cocktails on the beach.

#AzuriGreen Azuri has a waste collection system that has been implemented and successfully executed since December 2018.The coloured coded system makes it easier for residents to  sort and recycle. Great effort has been made to keep the environment clean, reducing excess rubbish disposal, creating a legacy for future generations. Black Rock Restaurant  opened its doors in February 2019, to the pleasure of residents and visitors alike. The Culinary team serves the freshest and finest in quality meats and seafood products.


  • We are building a carefree and enthralling smart place to live
  • We are united I the belief that life is enhanced when people interact, learn and share through experience
  • Connectivity allows us to move, interface and find our way faster and more lightly
  • Sustainable utilities allows us to be responsible leaving behind a legacy and for future generations
  • Quality of life ie: living by the sea can only contribute to breathing and growing faster
  • We believe in helping people develop their potential