Recently, the much revered Korloff Noir diamond fascinated diamond lovers in China at an exhibition that took place in Shanghai.

The 88-carat black diamond was on display at the 3rd China International Import Expo. Legend has it that the “Black Korloff” brings luck and prosperity to those who touch it or approach it.

The Korloff Noir is one of the world’s largest known black diamonds. It is an 88-carat diamond, with 57 edges. Before it was cut and polished, it had 421 carats. It is named after the Korloff -Sapojnikoff family, members of the Russian nobility, who once owned it. The Korloff Noir is owned today by the Korloff Company, and is estimated to be wroth around $37 million.

The famous diamond was used to launch the magic of Korloff  in Asia. Korloff also exhibited more than 1000 other diamond creations on its space and a beautiful digital activation.

The Korloff Noir is now on display at Korloff’s new boutique at L’Avenue Mall in Shanghai.

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